St. Peter’s House

St Peter’s House


Who are we?

St. Peter’s house is an Intentional Faith Community based out of St. Peter’s Church Vicarage, Caversham, Dunedin. The house aim is to form an Intentional Community of Young Adults 18yrs -30yrs, who will live together guided by a rhythm of prayer, shared life and serving the community. All are welcome whether you are a student studying, working, or just figuring out life.
In this community, we hold a deeper understanding that our purpose extends beyond conventional notions of jobs and degrees. We believe that each individual is part of a larger divine plan, a tapestry woven by the hands of a higher power. Our shared commitment lies in uncovering and aligning ourselves with this purpose. We seek to cultivate an environment where personal growth, spiritual exploration, and meaningful connections take precedence. Together, we strive to support one another in recognizing and embracing the unique calling that has been bestowed upon us. By embracing God’s plan for our lives, we find fulfilment that transcends the confines of mere professional success or academic achievement. Through prayer, reflection, and communal support, we navigate the path that leads us towards our truest selves, serving not only our own souls but also the greater good of humanity.

Our Rules

In a monastic context, “rule” refers to a set of guiding principles and practices that govern the life and conduct of a religious community. It outlines the routines, spiritual disciplines, and communal norms that monks or nuns follow in their daily existence. These rules are often attributed to founders like Saint Benedict or Saint Augustine, serving as a framework for a life of devotion, simplicity, and service. The rule provides a structured path towards spiritual growth, emphasizing obedience, humility, and communal living. It forms the foundation of the monastic way of life, fostering a sense of unity, purpose, and adherence to a shared spiritual vision.

1. Rhythm of shared prayer
2. Rhythm of joint meals
3. Rhythm of serving the community

The ‘rules’ of St. Peter’s House is our set of guiding principles that helps set our community apart from a simple flat. These rules anchor us in a collective journey of faith and service. The rhythm of shared prayer brings us together in moments of devotion, fostering a deeper connection with the divine and with one another. The rhythm of joint meals is a time of communion, where we share not only food but also companionship and support. Through the rhythm of serving the community, we extend our hands and hearts to those around us, embodying the spirit of selflessness and care. These rules are the threads that weave us into a tapestry of purpose, reminding us that our communal life is a sacred dance of love, compassion, and shared devotion. In St. Peter’s House, these rules shape our unique path towards a life of deeper meaning and higher calling.


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