Worship at Alert Level 1

 Worship – Diocese of Dunedin

Physical (Live) and On-Line Opportunities for Worship

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Daily and Weekly Prayer Opportunities 

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Latest COVID-19 Advice

We are operating under the Government alert system from the government and are currently at Level 1 i.e. Be Ready from 7 March 2021. We are following government directives which are ultimately working towards eliminating the COVID-19 virus.

We have policies, guidelines and resources that will help you adjust your activities to any level we are on.

Key information from the latest Level 1 guidance as it relates to Faith Communities is sumarised below:

Alert Level 1 requires that you

  • Keep your distance from other people in public places especially if you don’t know them.
  • Maintian good hygiene – Keep up good handwashing practices, using soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and drying thoroughly. Cough and sneeze into your elbow. Keep surfaces clean.
  • Keep a note of where you have been and who you have seen, use the Government COVID-19 Tracing app if you can.
  • Wear a face mask – Continuing good habits with face coverings will keep you and others safe, even at Alert Level 1. It helps stop droplets spreading when someone speaks, laughs, coughs or sneezes.
  • Make sure you have access to face-masks. At Level 1 now you must wear a mask on all public transport, including long distance bus services, all trains and most ferries. Taxi/uber drivers must wear masks and this is recommended for passengers but not compulsory. Have a look at current advice on the use of these. Please follow Government recommendations for mask use when using public transport. Be prepared by having a supply of face coverings for everyone who usually lives in your household. Add some to your household emergency kit.

Have a look at current advice on the use of these.

Advice for all Alert levels: 

  • Be kind. Drop supplies to those at home sick and ensure you have no physical contact.

Want to know more? See the Ministry of Health’s dedicated COVID-19 webpage  or the Government’s dedicated COVID-19 webpage

In Short:


  • Some at-risk people may still not be comfortable in a  larger group –  offer other ways of staying in touch with them i.e. the phone, a video messaging system or something similar
  • We are continuing to maintain high standards of public health (around cleaning, providing hospitality and so on)
  • Be kind. Make a difference by checking-in on others, especially the elderly and vulnerable
  • Look after anyone that needs help. Drop supplies to those at home sick and ensure you have no physical contact.