150 Years: 1869-2019

Video Collection

by Andrew Metcalfe

Our People, Our Places

In 2019 we celebrated the Sesquicentennial (150 years) of the Diocese of Dunedin with video snap shots of our life throughout Southland and Otago.


These were complied during 2019 from Anglican community and organisation contributions as well using images from other on-line sources. We begin (above) with an overview of most locations our churches have operated from, including some that are no longer in use (indicated by + in the title). We then focus on special occasions and places (below) before moving onto Parishes, Local Churches and Diocesan organisations.

The YouTube description area includes the name of any song used and contributors of photographs. We are grateful to the Iona Community’s Wild Goose Resource Group who have given permission to use their songs and provide a connection with this part of Aotearoa-NZ and Scotland. To watch the playlist of all 44 videos, click here.

Turn your sound up and make sure you view the videos in full screen…


Churches and Organisations

Coastal Otago

Central Otago


Dunedin City

Diocesan Organisations

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