Bishop’s Companions Programme

Growing in Prayer, Reading the Bible, and Living out the Life of Christ.

In 2022, Bishop Steve launched a new programme, available to anyone in the Diocese (and beyond, if requested!), no matter where they live. We continued on through 2023, and are now taking names for 2024.

If you would like to sign up to be part of it, contact Anne on Read on to find out more. 


Richard Gillard’s “Servant Song” has the line in it, “We are pilgrims on a journey, and companions on the road.” Through the Bishop’s Companions Programme, pilgrim-participants will have a companion walking with them for a year as they deepen their practices of prayer, reading the Bible, and living out the life of Christ.

There are no tests, no prior expectations on the pilgrimage that the BCP invites you into. What we are offering you is simply a companion on that pilgrimage towards deepening your life with Christ. Your companion will meet with you regularly, online or in person, and be a listening ear and, sometimes, a guide for the way ahead.

This is different to any course we have offered before in that it will be shaped around your individual life experience and spiritual journey. Everyone will work through the same basic threefold structure of prayer, reading the Bible, and living out the life of Christ, but the content will differ for each person. If you have never read a complete book of the Bible before, that’s fine. If you’ve already completed a PhD in Theology, that’s also fine. We will start where you are and build from there.

The first few links on this page will take you to further information if you are interested in being a “pilgrim” on this journey. If you are one of the companions, you will find suggested resources for each part of the journey in the lower half of the page.


Click here for our 2024 Brochure

Contact Anne on to be on the list.

Information for Pilgrims

Outline of the Year

Below are links and resources which may be useful for companions as they plan for meetings with their pilgrims. (Pilgrims don’t need to worry about these).

Information for Companions

 A Simple Way Forward

Devotional Bible Study: Inner Life Unit

Studying the Bible: Communal Life Unit

Prayer: Inner Life Unit

Understanding the Body of Christ: Communal Life Unit

Understanding the Life of Christ: Communal Life Unit

Prayer: Communal Life Unit

Living out the Life of Christ: Inner Life Unit

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