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Using Zoom


The Diocese has five Zoom Pro accounts for use in the Diocese.

See below for more information and instructions.

These are available for:

  1. Diocesan Business Meetings. This zoom account is reserved for meetings relating to the running of the Diocese, including Diocesan Organisations. Contact the Registrar Andrew Metcalfe
  2. Parish meetings. For use by parishes for meetings and connecting with parishioners (e.g. setting up a Vestry or home group Zoom – see this video with tips for this). Contact Nicola Wong
  3. Service streaming. For use to run church services or ministry groups. Contact John Graveston

Please contact the appropriate person based on what you are wanting to use it for. We will generate specific meeting numbers for your meeting and give you 15 minutes leeway either side.

Free account

Individuals are able to create a free Zoom account for use (see below). This could be useful for meetings with parishioners and small groups. The free accounts have two limitations:

  • Only up to 100 people in the meeting
  • Meetings can be up to 40 minutes long

Go to ZOOM to create your own account.

Subscription Accounts

We may be able to get you a Pro Account via the Anglican Church. Contact the Registrar Andrew Metcalfe for more information or visit Anglican Church General Synod Office information and resources for a  Zoom sign up offer for Parishes/Organisations.


No computer or smart phone for Zoom? 

Telephone 03 659 0603 (it may be a toll call depending on your phone plan), then key in the meeting ID number that your meeting organiser will give you.


Alternative Teleconference System 

For users inside the Dunedin Board room, dial 888 and use the pin number 5698#
For external participants wanting to join a teleconference, dial 03 488 0827. When prompted, enter the same pin number: 5698#

Some More Information about Zoom Videoconferencing

The following video gives a brief introduction on what zoom looks and feels like:

How do I use Zoom?

If you have a computer, laptop or other device (mobile telephone, tablet) that has a camera and speakers, you can join in a meeting with others. NB: it is best to be connected to the internet in some way, or you may put a significant dent in your mobile data plan! You can also have an option of joining a session via a regular telephone call (audio only)

You can join a meeting without signing up, simply click on the link sent to you.

We recommend getting a free Zoom account. This will make it easier for you to join a meeting easily if someone sends you a link to it, and you can use it to talk one-to-one with someone else for free. You can get a free account at

Tip: Part of the sign up process involves giving an email address for an activation email. This works best if you are signing up from a device (phone, computer etc) that you are also able to receive this email from.

Once you have activated your account, you can sign in from any device using your activation email and password.

Have a look at the bottom of the sign up page, there are links in the Downloads menu for apps you can install. If you are on a PC or laptop, download the Meetings client. You will see also links to Android and iPhone/iPad apps (you can search for them in your app store, just put “Zoom” into the search box).

Look on you screen for various viewing options. For example, Gallery View lets you see more than one person at a time.


Contact Us

Peter Mann House Office

1a Howden Street
PO Box 13170, Green Island,
Otago 9052,
New Zealand

Office Phone: 03 488 0820


Bishop: Steven Benford – 03-488 0826 (via Bishop’s Executive Assistant)

Vicar General: Jan Clark –

Deputy Vicar General: Anne van Gend –

Ministry Educator: Michael Godfrey – – Direct Line: (03) 488 0829

Child Youth & Family Educator: John Graveston – – 022 049 6029

Community Ministry Enabler: Anne van Gend –

Accountant: Fiona Gray – Direct Line: 03-488 0828

Accounts Clerk: Dominique Aitcheson – – Direct Line: 03-488 0825

Bishop’s EA: Nicola Wong – – Direct line: 03-488 0826

Diocesan Registrar: Andrew Metcalfe – – Direct line: 03-488 0821


The Diocesan office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm, please let us know if you want to visit (03 488 0820) and bring your face covering with you. Please show us your vaccine pass. We prefer to carry out face to face meetings via Zoom.


Office location – see the bottom of the page

How do I join a Zoom meeting?

Click on the link sent to you for the meeting. We use the same links for all meetings as follows (unless an individualised number has been set up):

To present from an computer/laptop onto Zoom (if you can’t do this from the device you are on): go to your web browser and type in When prompted, type in the meeting ID (the one that came in your meeting link, a 10 digit number), follow the prompts  and everyone  can see what is on your laptop

Anything to keep an eye on?

Make sure you look at what is on the Zoom screen – is your microphone working and your camera turned on? There are controls on the bottom left hand side of the screen where you can fix any problems. Zoom has some tutorials that you may find helpful.

Want to set up a meeting for yourself?

If you are signed up for Zoom you can organise a one-to-one meeting with any other person also signed up to Zoom (or via a link you send them) – all for free.

If you want to organise a meeting through a Diocesan zoom account, please contact the people noted above.

What if I use the “call from mobile or fixed line phone option?

Using this may incur a toll call/charge if you don’t have free minutes or toll calls. Make sure you don’t end up with an unexpected bill!

Telephone 04 886 0026 then key in the meeting ID the organiser of the meeting will give you.

Need any help?

If you are using a Diocese of Dunedin Zoom account to organise a meeting, the Zoom’s help desk number is 0800 475 039 ext 2.

The Anglican Communications Centre also has resources for Zoom, including how to run education events and so on. 

Peter Mann House

Office 1a Howden Street
PO Box 13170, Green Island,
Dunedin, Otago 9052,
New Zealand

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