Diocese of Dunedin Synod 2021

Synod Presentations – September 2022


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Have a look at Presentations from Synod 2022

Synod 2022 Presentation on Climate Change

Professor Hugh Campbell gave a presentation to Synod on Climate Change. Hugh is the Chair in Sociology at the University of Otago and has worked at the university since 1994. His specialist research interests concern the sociological analysis of different aspects of sustainability and he has been a leading researcher in numerous social scientific projects looking at environmental transitions in farming in Aotearoa New Zealand, as well as looking at changes in global agri-food systems, crises of food security, food poverty and food waste.

The President’s Charge

Bishop Steve gives his Charge to Synod during the Synod Service, held at the Cathedral Church of St Paul the Apostle, Dunedin, 16 September 2022.

Anglican Missions Presentation to Synod

Olivia Hartfield from Anglican Missions  give an update for the Dunedin Synod.

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