Diocese of Dunedin Synod 2021

12 February 2021 (final day)

This page gives links to information for Synod.


Any live-stream of Synod proceedings was broadcast below on Saturday 18 September from 8.30 am.


Diocese of Dunedin – 61st Synod Part 2

Synod Paperwork

Order of Proceedings for 12 February 2022  

Held at Forsyth Barr stadium, Dunedin. Please bring your vaccine passes.

Synod Books 

Part 1 – Synod Proceedings and Paperwork

Part 2 – Reports

Part 3 – Financial Information

Part 4 – Synod Conference Session Papers pre-reading for Conference session, now posponed.

Tip: if you go to the Index of each part of the Synod book and Ctrl + click on information you want to go to, this will take you there without having to scroll through all the pages.

Synod Presentations – September 2021

Presentations from day one of Synod, 18 September 2021.

Connecting Faith – All Saints Fruit and Veg plus Otago Peninsula Parish

Hear how two faith communities are involved in their communities: helping ensure food security and; providing a place for new mums and their children to meet.

The President’s Charge

Bishop Steven Benford reflects on how St Francis of Assisi continues to inspire us to Build God’s Church. 

Anglican Missions Presentation to Synod

Anglican Missions CEO Michael Hartfield and Programme Manager Steph Fry give an update for the Dunedin Synod

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