Diocese of Dunedin Synod 2021

17-19 September 2021

This page gives links to information for Synod.


See below for video recordings of key events such as the President’s Charge if these are available.

Any live-stream of Synod proceedings may be broadcast below if Synod needs to take place virtually.


Diocese of Dunedin – 61st Synod Part 2

Synod Paperwork

Order of Proceedings Saturday 18 September (posted here when available)

(Revised) Standing Orders for 61st Synod

We may live stream Synod via our Facebook page and this webpage id we are unable to meet in in person. If you would like to participate in Synod as a guest, please watch  these ways.

Synod Books will be available from this page on Friday 27 August 2021

Synod Book Part 1 (President’s summons, General Information, Officers to be nominated/appointed, Synod Roll, Order of Proceedings, Synod Motions and Standing Resolutions.

Synod Book Part 2 (Reports)

Synod Book Part 3 (Financials)

Tip: if you go to the Index of each part of the Synod book and Ctrl + click on information you want to go to, this will take you there without having to scroll through all the pages.

Synod Presentations – September 2020

Presentations from last year are available below. We will update this page closer to Synod with any new links.

Connecting Faith – Rural Southland and Dunedin City

We talk to Jonathan Wood and Rev’d Richard Johnson about their unique callings (presented at Synod opening service)

The President’s Charge

Bishop Steven Benford reflects on the year that has past and looks forward to the future…

Anglican Missions Presentation to Synod

Anglican Missions CEO Michael Hartfield gives an update for the Dunedin Synod