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There are no formal mandates in place around COVID-19, but we are being asked to isolate for 5 days if we test positive for the virus. We are encouraging people to wear masks in confined spaces whenever case numbers rise again. This page continues to have useful resources for you and others if you are impacted by the virus.   

Latest COVID-19 Advice

In short:


See the latest Government Advice on COVID-19
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 it’s recommended you isolate for 5 days.
  • Facemask reminder:

    While in many areas it’s no longer mandatory to wear a face mask, their use is recommended in closed, crowded and confined spaces, especially on public transport.  A face mask protects the person wearing it and any people around them who may be at higher risk, for example older people, people who are immunocompromised or people with disabilities.

  • Be kind. Make a difference by checking-in on others, especially the elderly and vulnerable
  • Look after anyone that needs help. .. and remember to look after yourself.

Prayer and Solitude Resources

A prayer on page 465 of A New Zealand Prayer books starts by saying:  “God of peace let us your people know that at the heart of turbulence there is an inner calm which comes from you…” 

Regular Patterns of Worship

Why not create a worship shape to your week – have a particular place and time and light a candle when you start. For example:

  1. Every day – a short time with a Bible reading and prayer for family and a reflection on the day. (Family Prayer from p 187 ANZPB is an option.)
  2. Join a Zoom hosted morning or evening prayer (see options for this on our On-line and Live Worship page)
  3. On Sunday – join online with some form of  worship if you are unable to attend in person
  4. Once a week – a study style time when you “dig-in” and learn about something biblical or theological. Share your reflections with a couple of people by email or set up a Zoom meeting for this with others that you know (talk to the Diocesan Office if you need a hand)
  5. Don’t forget our Gospel Conversations and other video resources  – great food for the mind and soul.

Some resources to feed your mind and Soul

  • The Bible Project – a series on YouTube that will help you understand more about how the Bible has come together
  • Pilgrim Course – a series of studies with supporting videos exploring faith from (Church of England)
  • C.S. Lewis Doodles – a BBC series on YouTube that reads through  works such as Mere Christianity, with accompanying graphics.


For Younger Ones…

Having to Self Isolate or feeling stressed?


Are you supporting others?


Tear Fund have a useful resource that describes what can be going on during a pandemic or other natural disaster and is worth reading. It also had practical tips for taking care of your own well-being. 

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