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Auckland is now at Alert Level 3 while the rest of New Zealand is at Alert Level 2. Settings will shift to  the Traffic Light settings on 3 December. This page contains extra information and resources for COVID-19. Follow this link for information on where you can attend Worship under the Traffic Lights. 

Latest COVID-19 Advice

Please make sure you look at our Coronavirus Covid-19 Level 2 Update page which has the latest information and advice. We are also planning for the shift to the NZ COVID-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Lights) from 3 December 2021.

We are sharing best practice related to what an evolving situation presents us with. Remember that as people who read the Bible, Pray and Live out the Life of Christ, that we continue to put our trust in Christ and be agents of calm and reassurance in our communities.

Government Advice for Churches at Alert Level 2

The Government advice for places of worship is as follows:

  • All places of worship must have ways for attendees to record their visit. This can be done by asking everyone to scan in using the NZ COVID Tracer app, or by recording their contact details manually.
  • Think about how you can reconfigure seating, prayer and other activities to allow for physical distancing.
  • Offer online services so people who cannot attend in person can participate.
  • Some religious rituals or practices need close contact — for example, a christening. Try to keep the time spent in close contact to a minimum.
  • Remove communal resources such as prayer mats or prayer books.
  • Encourage attendees to wear a face covering.
  • Clean and sanitise musical instruments and other shared surfaces thoroughly before and after use.
  • Singing, for example church choirs and other types of performance can go ahead. Performers do not need to wear a face covering.
  • You can serve food and drink and host events or functions such as catered morning tea — as long as you keep to the gathering limits.
  • Encourage contactless donations instead of a cash collection box.

Funerals, tangihanga and last rites at Alert Level 2

Weddings and civil unions at Alert Level 2

If you are going to a place of worship

  • We strongly encourage you to wear a face covering when visiting a place of worship.
  • You can mix with friends and whānau, but please be considerate of others and leave enough space for people to keep their distance if they want to.
  • Do not attend a service or prayer if you are unwell.
  • Scan in using the NZ COVID Tracer app or give your details to the place of worship to support contact tracing.
  • Take home any personal items you bring in with you — for example, a prayer mat or prayer beads.

In short:


We are aligning ourselves with advice-resources from the Government on Alert Level 2 , and have also developed our own Policy and Guidelines around various Alert Levels in our Pandemic Response Framework.  

Key points for all of us

Ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 — Image by: NZ Government

Image by: NZ Government

  • We are still encouraged to wear face coverings when in public places with other people, and remember to scan the COVID-19 Tracer App posters or complete a manual register. 
Check out the videos on this page which give advice and instruction on mask safely. 
  • Be kind. Make a difference by checking-in on others, especially the elderly and vulnerable
  • Look after anyone that needs help. Drop supplies to any who are not able to leave their homes but ensure you have no physical contact.

Love Rises to the Challenge

We are embracing different  ways of ministry as we unite against COVID-19


Bishop Steve has asked: Who in your faith community needs a daily phone call? Needs shopping done – possibly to be left at the front door? Who would value your prayers and a chat?

“How can we make these restrictions an opportunity for personal spiritual intimacy with God? Re-awakening in us again the prime directive that we can only love God and others because God loved us first.”

Dame Anne Salmond writes:

“Instead of “social distancing”, we can show aroha by blowing kisses, or putting hand on heart, or waving (especially the “East Coast wave”), still expressing affection while keeping each other safe.  Instead of “self-isolation”, leaving frightened, vulnerable people to fend for themselves, we can set up a Tiaki Helpline, making sure they have someone to talk to, and access to food and medicine. Instead of sacrificing our kaumātua, let’s adopt a manāki strategy that cares for the elders, since they are most at risk.Aroha ki te tangata, tiaki i te whenua, manāki i ngā kaumatua – Love the people, care for the land, look after our elders. This is a time to show our mettle as a nation, and stand tall in the land.”

If you have any ideas and resources to share to help love rise to the challenge, please contact the Registrar Andrew Metcalfe .

Love Rises to the Challenge Ideas and Resources

  • How about you print out (onto light card) and give the COVID-19_Community-Card to drop off to neighbours, especially if you know someone is isolated?

Make sure your Parish or Church contacts list is up to date.

What about other ways of continuing ministry such as:

  • Regular emails
  • Podcasts or videos/live streams of services/events
  • Use of social media/websites to publish prayers, readings, reflections, music, etc.
  • Services of prayer that parishioners can use from home
  • Webinars
  • Telephone trees
  • Prayer chains.


Check out these links:

Prayer and Solitude Resources

Having to Self Isolate or feeling stressed?


Are you supporting others?


Tear Fund have a useful resource that describes what can be going on during a pandemic or other natural disaster and is worth reading. It also had practical tips for taking care of your own well-being. 

Shut in or need something to do?


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A prayer on page 465 of A New Zealand Prayer books starts by saying:  “God of peace let us your people know that at the heart of turbulence there is an inner calm which comes from you…” 

Regular Patterns of Worship

Why not create a worship shape to your week – have a particular place and time and light a candle when you start. For example:

  1. Every day – a short time with a Bible reading and prayer for family and a reflection on the
    day. (Family Prayer from p 187
    ANZPB is an option.)
  2. Join a Zoom hosted morning or evening prayer (see options for this on our On-line and Live Worship page)
  3. On Sunday – join online with some form of  worship if you are unable to attend in person
  4. Once a week – a study style time when you “dig-in” and learn about something biblical or theological. Share your reflections with a couple of people by email or set up a Zoom meeting for this with others that you know (talk to the Diocesan Office if you need a hand)
  5. Don’t forget our Gospel Conversations where each week panelists converse about the gospels for the following Sunday – great food for the mind and soul. 

Some resources to feed your mind and Soul

  • The Bible Project – a series on YouTube that will help you understand more about how the Bible has come together
  • Pilgrim Course – a series of studies with supporting videos exploring faith from (Church of England)
  • C.S. Lewis Doodles – a BBC series on YouTube that reads through  works such as Mere Christianity, with accompanying graphics.


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