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Below are some videos that capture key moments in our faith communities.

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Back in October 2019 we asked an impromptu question from Bishop Steve and now this one may be the last as he, Lorraine and Marley prepare to return to the UK. It’s a time when there is lots of deciding on what to hold onto and what to let go… and maybe that’s true for all of us….

In an Easter message as we continue our Lenten journey into Holy Week, Bishop Steve asks how can we regain our focus this Easter?

On Palm Sunday 2024, Bishop Steve asks what challenge does Jesus give us this Holy Week? Could it be about a call for us to change, to be fruitful, to join him on the road to justice, forgiveness and salvation?

On the 9th of March, 2024 at All Saints’ Church, Dunedin, the 108th anniversary of Rev’d Arnold Patrick Spencer-Smiths death was commemorated with a Mass, the blessing of a new stained glass window, and a reception- public lecture with Dr David Harrowfield, NZAM, DSc, CF. See also 

We ask Bishop Steve: how can Lent be truly transforming? Perhaps it is about giving God space to transform us…

In today’s reflection, Anne van Gend asks us think about the words of Jesus in Mark’s gospel: can we think of a time in our lives when our “why” (in your faith) was strong enough to endure any tough times? What is it that holds you? And…what helps us to “deny ourselves” and welcomes others instead?

Today Bishop Steve tackles Mark 1: 28-28, where Jesus is confronted by a man “with an unclean spirit”. What can we make of this? Who could be the people now who try to shut Jesus down? Get yourself comfortable…to dig into a somewhat uncomfortable passage.

These videos are a way of sharing some of the ideas they’re coming up with with each other, and we start off hearing from Rev’d Rose Scott at the Port Chalmers Parish in Dunedin.

See also

To officially kick off 2024, we ask Bishop Steve what hope there is for us as we look to a world with so many challenges… and many that we face as well. See also

For our final Scattered people of the Good Shepherd for 2023 on Christmas Eve, Bishop Steve shares some images of the Annunciation…what do we picture when we hear the Angel speaking to Mary. Do we, like her, hear the invitation …and join the journey into Love?

A celebration of Rev’d Dr Katherine (Katy) Marcar’s ordination to the priesthood at St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday 16 December 2023

Bishop Steven Benford, The Ven Anne van Gend (Ministry Educator) and Andrew Metcalfe (Diocesan Registrar – Kaiwhakahaere) talk about what it means for us in the Diocese of Dunedin to be born in other places, but living “at home” in the southernmost diocese of New Zealand, just as Nazareth was home for Jesus. Along with our companion Diocese of Edinburgh, we look to help make others at home in the love of God. (This video was part of a series for the Diocese of Edinburgh Advent Calendar 2023)

On Wednesday 6 March over 55 people gathered at the church of St Alban the Martyr to hear the scriptures, pray and sing carols for a special Christmas Service in St Bathans. For an article about this service, visit

In very uncertain time, with war, poverty and hardship…should we ditch Christmas and focus on other things that are more important? Bishop Steve reflects on why celebrate Christmas in 2023: we need to ask God to be with us again when our world is at its most vulnerable, and to know that God will never leave us…

Bishop Steve has some early reflections on his recent Sabbatical…and how God meets us in other people: how is God speaking to us today through them and to them?

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