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Below are some videos that capture key moments in our faith communities.

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Diocese of Dunedin Faith Communities 2020
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Images and some sound from a Diocesan Training Day in Balclutha on 13 February 2021. For more information, see

Saying goodbye to the Church of St Michael and All Angels in Clyde as it is secularised in preparation for new owners. Have a look at what the NZ Historic Places Register says about St. Michaels, with the foundation stone laid by Bishop Selwyn in January 1877, it was consecrated on 7 October 1977 by Bishop Neville.

We ask Bishop Steve on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration: What’s the most important tasks for world leaders today?

Some snapshots of a few of the Advent and Christmas celebrations throughout the Diocese of Dunedin, 2020. Photographs from: The Otago Daily Times, Julanne Clark-Morris, Dot Muir, Lorraine Benford, David Wright, Andrew Metcalfe, compiled by Andrew Metcalfe.

A manger in a stable … or an altar in a dog trial shed: How can our communities be fed this Christmas? We ask Bishop Steve to reflect on our current Advent journey to Christmas.

On Sunday 6 December the Rev’d Lisa Barlow was ordained at St John’s Roslyn to Holy Orders as a Deacon. See for more information. Photographs taken by Kevin Watson, produced by Andrew Metcalfe.

Waverley Community Music and Playgroup has been based in the hall of St Nicolas Anglican Church since 2015. Otago Peninsula parish Warden Elizabeth Purdie and Playgroup Leader Kathy Duncan tell us about how this has connected mother’s and children in the community, plus some of the mums say what this group means to them.

We ask Bishop Steve: What’s most important for a new Government? Filmed at Peter Mann House on 28 October 2020,

This week was mental health awareness week, and we ran the following past Bishop Steve: mental health is all about taha wairua – spiritual wellbeing – discovering things that make us feel awe, hope, strength, unity and connection. What does this mean for you?.

Two stories of mission taking place in rural Southland and Dunedin City. Rev’d Richard Johnson talks about his emerging role as Rural Dean, connecting with farming families in Northern Southland, while Jonathan Wood reflects on a weekly intentional walk through Dunedin City that includes prayer, friendship and faith.

Bishop Steven Benford’s charge for the 61st Synod of the Diocese of Dunedin. Delivered at Synod on Saturday 12 September 2020. Filmed at St Mark’s Anglican Church, Shand Street, Green Island on 2 September 2012, recorded and produced by Andrew Metcalfe. Background Music: The Moment, by Robert Miller, Copyright © copyright control.


A question with Bishop Steve Benford: How do we live out the life of Christ? Recorded at Peter Mann House by Andrew Metcalfe on 19 August 2020. Image: Maniototo by Tony Bridge, Artist (July 2020) and Otago Harbour by Kelvin Wright.



Worship continues on St Paul’s Cathedral steps after fire damage on 11 August. The Cathedral choir and congregation are led by The Very Rev’d Dr Tony Curtis on Wednesday 12 August 2020. 

A question with Bishop Steve Benford: what’s so important about Prayer? Recorded at Peter Mann House by Andrew Metcalfe on 16 July 2020. Opening photo by Kelvin Wright.

Installation of the Rev’d Richard Aitken by Bishop Steven Benford into Gladstone Parish, Invercargill on Saturday 4 July 2020

Ordination of John Graveston into the Diaconate on 3 July 2020

A question with Bishop Steve: what might reading the Bible mean?

The project has been the preservation of the exterior of both the Parish Hall and the Parish Centre (the second oldest wooden building in Queenstown).