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Below are some videos that capture key moments in our faith communities.

We have videos in yearly Playlists in our You Tube Chanel:
Diocese of Dunedin Faith Communities 2021
Diocese of Dunedin Faith Communities 2020
Diocese of Dunedin Faith Communities 2019

Turn your sound up and make sure you view the videos in full screen…


On Sunday 12 June Rev’d Gary and Debbie Griffith-Smith received their NZ citizenship papers from Gore Mayer Tracy Hicks. Lorraine Benford was also present and took some photos, while Gary give lay ministers their renewed licenses.

Bishop Steve Benford leads the final service and secularisation of St Nicholas Anglican Church, Waverly, Dunedin, on 29 May 2022

We ask Bishop Steve: what is the Hope for the Church?  For full script, see

Anne van Gend reflects on the gospel reading for Easter 6, 22 May 2022 during a monthly Zoom service

Rev’d Natalie Milliken was installed as Vicar at Caversham Parish, Dunedin, by Bishop Steve Benford on Friday 6 May 2021.

As part of monthly Zoom services for smaller groups and individuals, Bishop Steve breaks open the scriptures on the second Sunday of Easter.

We are in Easter week – and Bishop Steve ponders on the question: Is the Resurrection only a discussion topic… or something more? Filmed at Peter Mann House on 20 April 2022

A few photos capturing some of Holy Week and Easter 2022. Photographs from Wakatipu Parish, Port Chalmers Parish, Oamaru-Maheno Parish and Dunedin North Parish (Julanne Clark-Morris).

A pictorial and musical celebration for Easter Sunday, 2022. Views from Otago, Southland and Auckland, photographed and produced by Andrew Metcalfe. Music: He is Risen, words by Cecil Frances Alexandra (altered), music composed by Richard Madden and sung by St Paul’s Cathedral Choir, Dunedin (private CD).

Friday Light, based at St Luke’s Taieri, has been a significant way of “connecting faith” with people who may not fit into a conventional parish setting. Bon Smith (present from the beginning) talks about what it has meant to her.

As the church season changes, we ask Bishop Steve: Wars, Pandemics… what’s the value of Lent? Filmed and produced at Peter Mann House by Andrew Metcalfe.

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