Dunedin Diocesan Trust Board

Dunedin Diocesan Trust Board (DDTB)

The board has two main roles;

Firstly, it manages two investment funds (the Income Fund and the Growth Fund) as trustee for diocesan institutions, e.g. social services, residential and community based services, educational institutions and so on. These bodies deposit funds with it. The total funds under management in the two Funds is currently over $38 million dollars.

The second major responsibility of the Board is the legal ownership of all Diocesan properties: it acts a trustee for all Diocesan institutions including local churches and parishes, who are the beneficial owners, i.e. they make use of these resources for their mission and ministry. In this capacity, the Board arranges insurance of properties under delegation from Diocesan Council. It has also taken a leadership role in the assessment of properties for seismic stability.

The Board meets monthly, as does its subcommittee known as the Investment Committee. The Investment Committee monitors current investments to ensure the best returns possible and that they meet ethical business standards. It frequently conducts business by email outside of its monthly meetings as necessary.



  • Mr Stephen Grant (Chair)
  • Mrs Janice Burton
  • Charles French (until December 2023)
  • Rev’d Richard Johnson
  • Ms Susie Johnstone
  • Rev’d Dr Tony Martin (until December 2023)
  • Mr William Paterson
  • Rev’d Eric Kyte

In Short:

• Holds all properties and investments in Trust

• Ensures investment decisions benefit the whole Diocese

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